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Brain Training, neurofeedback


What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is an exciting treatment modality that allows us to look at how your brain is working and provide feedback, so that we are able to improve how your brain works. Neurofeedback is non-invasive, just using some electrodes and paste on the scalp to amplify the brain waves and provide feedback. Training is fun! It's done right in the office and can be done by watching a movie or playing a game.

I also offer HEG training. This is a type of training that monitors blood flow in the frontal lobes of your brain, and provides rewards via a fun game when blood flow is increased. This allows for feelings of greater mental clarity and peace of mind. 

I am a little different from other therapists, as most talk therapists don't provide neurofeedback and most neurofeedback providers don't provide talk therapy. By combining the two, we are able to achieve the results you are looking for. I am also a little different from other larger providers of neurofeedback in the area in that I monitor all the training myself, not a technician. Training is provided one-on-one, not in a big training room with multiple others training at the same time.  Being trained as a therapist, I can treat your mind; with neurofeedback, we can train your brain.

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The system I have chosen is described as circuit training for the brain. Assessment starts with a QEEG and speaking with you about your concerns, then we come up with a plan and get started! Sessions will last for about an hour, and consist of 5 "circuits" that we are training, based on what we see going on in the brain. Ideally, clients train twice weekly. And yes, I have gone through the training and process myself!

Initial assessment cost is $250. This includes a QEEG and report on your brain Session packages start at $650 for 10 sessions, which would allow us to cycle through the circuits twice. All brains are different and some brains may require additional sessions.